Mansfield Art Gallery – MAG – opens 2016

I was really pleased to be invited to show work at a lovely new art gallery and cultural space in Mansfield. There are four, light filled rooms and a gorgeous, welcoming garden. There will be regular, themed exhibitions with a range of interesting works … all the very best MAG


Eventide – print exchange, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, curated by Rona Green. Exhibition dates 13 May – 3 July 2016


Rona Green regularly works with galleries and artists to curate themed print exchanges. I was thrilled to be invited to participate in Eventide; a period of transition when day meets night. It is an in-between space – a place of transformation. This theme is explored by 31 Australian artists who each consider this magical time through the exacting medium of relief printmaking.


Art Dreaming – group exhibition

Lost and found 2015 – this piece is part of Art Dreaming, and exhibition of work by artists from GANEAA (Goulburn North East Arts Alliance). It is current from September 19 – October 18, 2015  @ Wangaratta Art Gallery 2.

This print is made using a lino block that has been cut up, inked separately and put back together, like a puzzle, before printing. Edvard Munch used this process with some of his woodblocks. I like using this approach for compositions with simple shapes and separate blocks of colour. Many of my birds are printed in this way.

Lost and found was my ‘demo’ model for the Puzzle print workshop that I  ran for GANEAA and the Across the Arts Festival in May this year.
lost and found_web

Bimblebox 153 Birds – May 9, 2015 @ Impress Printmakers Studio Gallery, 134 Kedron Park Rd, Wooloowin QLD, Australia

There will be 153 birds in this exhibition, who live at Bimblebox Nature Refuge. The purpose of the exhibition is to raise awareness of the plight of the 8,000 hectare refuge, which is under threat from a proposed thermal coal project (Clive Palmer’s China First Project or Galilee Coal Project – the one that needs the huge train link to transport coal to the Great Barrier Reef) To find out more click here or head to the ‘Bimblebox 153 Birds’ facebook page.

Here is my contribution, the ‘White-breasted woodswallow’, 2015, who looks like he isn’t going to budge for anyone. Good luck Bimblebox Nature Refuge. I hope I can visit you one day.

white breasted woodswallow